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based in
Manipur, India

I work with Photography/
Textiles/ Print/ Magazine/
Art Direction and other stuff.


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Visual Research/ Documentation/ Textiles
ishi means  us  in  Tangkhul

Magazine/ Workshop/ Dialogue/

︎ Ukhrul, Manipur

with Sokhami Shishak| Pournima Shinde| Phokrizat Mayirnao |

ishi is an independent bilingual magazine dedicated to providing a secure and creative space for the free expression, preservation, and reimagining of our indigenous experiences. Check the site︎︎︎

This initiative embodies an idea and a journey. It's an idea that promotes social bonds and a sense of belonging by recognizing, embracing, and sharing cultural skills and values. As a journey, it initiates conversations that seek common ground between past and present lessons, guiding our way forward into the future.

︎︎︎Drawing  inspiration from the past.

Taking Inspiration from the Longshim* to bridge the gap of indigenous knowledge amongst the younger generations in the Tangkhul community.
(*a dormitory-like space for young men and women where elders imparted social, cultural and history of community)

︎︎︎Dialogue as a Tool

Interactive Dialogues is used as a tool to instil a sense of appreciation and ownership of our ones own culture amongst the NextGen Tangkhulnaos.

︎︎︎Lived Experiences as Narratives

Even within identity are multifaceted layers and complexities. These complexities are often oversimplified for the conviniences of one dominant narrative.

issue 01 |
| confidently dazed

Editorial Note:

Not all decisions amount to something new. Yet every decision is a start of something new – a renewed hope or a new outlook. Decisions, however, are preceded by something else, be it self belief, delusion or necessity. New beginnings can be confusing. The infinite possibilities can be confusing, much as the lack thereof. Living in a period where only ends are glorified, where creative expression becomes ‘skills’ to master rather than a natural part of our humane lives, a confused state of mind is seen as faulty. Confusion, however, is an indication of growth, of movement. How do we make sense of the double sidedness of all these?

In this issue, ishi explores the novelty Ukhrul town and its people have brought about, long overdue cultural dialogues, and personal stories with carefully buried struggles. While some of us have been there, some have just begun. Some are struggling within the shackles of fear and change. This issue is about those decisions, movements and challenges that come with doing something new and anew, and learning to be confident in one’s confusion.

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