Visual Artist
based in
Manipur, India

I work with Photography/
Textiles/ Print/ Magazine/
Art Direction and other stuff.


© Chingrimi Shimray 2023

Hello! I'm Chingrimi A Shimray 

A visual artist from Manipur, India. My work revolves around the interplay of culture and imagery. Living away from the homeland I find myself merge different perspectives to craft visual narratives. By engaging in Textile Research within the Tangkhul Landscape, I've acquired a deeper understanding of traditional knowledge, , which has gradually woven its way into my work. As of now, I actively participate as the co-founder and member of the bilingual magazine ishi︎︎︎, where I contribute my artistic vision and design interactive interventions. This pursuit allows me to further connect with stories of diverse indigenous experiences and strengthen my creative journey.

︎ | CV available on request︎︎︎

Art Direction | Moving Images |  Publication | Textiles | Belonging | Culture Inquiry | Memory | Interactive Design |(and more )