Visual Artist
based in
Manipur, India

I work with Photography/
Textiles/ Print/ Magazine/
Art Direction and other stuff.


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Visual Research/ Documentation/ Textiles

i-” is a first person pronoun in Tangkhul.

Self/ Culture/ Identity

︎ Guwahati, Assam


The "i-" workshop is centered around the exploration of self-assertion and introspection, guiding participants to delve deeper into their life experiences as they navigate their unique identities. It's designed with a youth-centric approach, making it accessible and engaging for young audiences.

Day 01: SELF

How one perceives themselves and how others perceive them is intertwined with the essence of being human, as Paulo Freire  puts it: To be human is to engage in relationships with others and with the world.

Within these interactions lies the key to molding one's self-image. The inaugural workshop, on its first day, aimed to facilitate a discourse centered around self-expression.

Day 02: SPACE

What contributes to our individual identities and the people we ultimately become? This module was crafted to explore the various cultural influences that play a role in shaping us. By examining these environments, ranging from our homes to broader communities, we aim to understand how they mold our identities.