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Manipur, India

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Research/ Handmade/Textile/Workshop/

Skill Development Workshop

Handwoven/ Natural Dyeing/ Product Development


Tata Trust (2018)

A 2 month skill and product development program based in 3 locations of Manipur - Senapati, Churachandpur and Khangshim Village.

The program was an introduction to teaching new and alternative ways of Product and Design development to Weaving centres of respective towns. Each weaving centre had its unique share of problems.

The Centres:

  • Lydia Centre, Churachandpur

  • Priscilla Centre, Churachandpur

  • Sharon Centre, Senapati



︎︎︎Basics of Colour Theory

In the initial phase of the workshop's introduction, participants were familiarized with the principles of color theory. This served as a fundamental building block, imparting them with a solid grasp of how colors interplay and convey visual messages. This foundational knowledge was intended to serve as a valuable asset as they delved deeper into production.


︎︎︎Natural Dye

As an extension of the workshop. The weavers were given an introductory course on natural dyeing. This was followed by an excercise where the new learners were instructed to collect stains from the natural flora in their  environment.


︎︎︎Product Diversification

In what ways can