Visual Artist
based in
Manipur, India

I work with Photography/
Textiles/ Print/ Magazine/
Art Direction and other stuff.


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Research/ Handmade/Textile/Workshop/

{Fireleap} is about taking the biggest leaps.
An ode to our most care free days.

Surface Design/ Garment Construction/
Guide: Amit Sinha
︎ Ahmedabad, Gujarat


The brief of the project: To design a collection of atleast 5 garments inspired by body and space.

︎︎︎The Inspiration:
Fireleap by Nan Goldin

In 2011, Nan Goldin exhibited "Fire Leap," a collection of images featuring her friends' and family's children from 1972 to the present day. I found myself captivated by Goldin's portrayal of childlike innocence and freedom. The project retained its original title, as I couldn't conceive a more fitting term to encapsulate the spontaneous and warrior-like essence of the children depicted by Goldin. "Fire Leap" it remained!       

︎︎︎Recognising the Body:




Centered on memory,the collection draws inspiration from family albums and the warm tints as seen on film photographs. The exhibition for Fireleap welcomed the audience’s participation by asking them to draw with their non-dominant hand on the fabric. This was an attempt to look at clothing/ textiles as living repositories of memory.