Visual Artist
based in
Manipur, India

I work with Photography/
Textiles/ Print/ Magazine/
Art Direction and other stuff.


© Chingrimi Shimray 2023


Visual Research/ Documentation/ Textile/

In search of familarity

In Search of Familiarity, is an experiential research-based artwork that navigates one’s longing on their journey to or from home. Moving and migration are central elements of our past, present and future. What are we looking for when we are on the move ? Can our longings be visually represented? 

Though the core is an interactive board game, the series is transitional and adaptive and open to translating itself into different mediums of art. The materials and structure evolve along with the cultural context of the space. 

Parivartan Campus, Arthshila X Khoj Residency ︎︎︎


The symbols and motifs were derived from the local.